Mini Speaker

A device that converts analog audio signals into the equivalent air vibrations in order to make audible sound. When CRT monitors were the norm, speakers designed for computers were shielded to avoid magnetic interference with the CRT's magnetic coil. Getting Smaller All the Time Starting in the 1990s, vendors began to offer higher-quality computer speakers. Similar to home theater and stereo systems, the systems include a pair of small speakers for the midrange and high (treble) frequencies and a large subwoofer for the low end (bass).

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FNT Mini 2.1  USB Speaker
  ·         Amplification Type:                Active ·         Speaker M..
FNT-Mini 2.1 USB Multimedia Speaker
Output:                                &..
Mini  Usb Speaker Kisonli  K100
  Model NO: K100 Overview 1.USB power supply,convenient to carry 2.Laptop and computer,MP3 best partnet ..
JeDEL USB mini Stereo Speakers
JeDEL USB mini Stereo Speakers  RMS 2.5W+2.5W 60dB 4 ohms impedance USB 5V power 3.5mm audio jack volume control wheel ..
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