Business Associates
This company is much aware of the bitter fact of unemployment issues in the country by helping to our unemployed youths to some extent by encouraging them to participate in its special on-line selling program as being as a Business Associates to playing a vital role in making a bridge between the company and actual buyer either through online or offline. So that in this way, they could use their time productively and could generate side income through the attractive incentive, provided by this company, upon completion of the said transaction by the respective Business Associates. The said incentive amount depending on the nature of ordered products has been generated through its net profit margin from the sales of the said product.
Even this program is been facilitated for any personnel within or outside the country across the globe and can contribute their time for side income.
Once the interested personnel will fill up the Business Associates form given below, such form whether will be approved or not approved, will be notified to the concerned applicant within 24 hours through the portal of Business Associates Login and the detailed information about the commission and the process of marketing will be further given in column of PROCEDURE.
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