Repair & Maintenance Account Information

Since we are very much concerned with our valued customers, we have started the service of repair and maintenance to keep updated the condition of any item of electronic goods including computers, laptops etc. purchased by us or from anywhere either through on or off line or through telephone call.
For this cause ,we have started the Repair and maintenance Account Information by providing the particular e- mail address and password for those client or customer who wants our technical service, given below, for your reference in order to knowing the detailed status of the respective goods given to us for repairing and maintenance.
Please fill up the following boxes based on your Goods Receipt Slip in order to knowing the current status of your goods given to us for repairing.

Repair and maintenance can be carried out with or without Annual Maintenance Agreement (AMC) for following items as mentioned in Our Services of About Us column,
                [ Laptop, Desktop, Motherboard, Television, Invertors  , Printer,Photo copy,Toner Refill,LED ,LCD, Music System  & Chip level Repairing etc. ]


Sales & Supply  
Computers, Laptop ,Security items ,invertors, Batteries, Solar and accessories, [wholesale & Retail]
Maintenance with or without annual maintenance agreement , AMC
Laptop, Desktop ,Motherboard, Television, Invertors  , Printer, Music System  & Chip level Repairing.
Computer Hardware, Software & Networking.
Computers, Laptop, Batteries , Inverters.
On-line services
On-line shopping services including buy and sales of second handed electronic items besides newly arrived electronic items through the website,
Desktop related services (Typing, Printing, Designing, Photocopy, Spiral Binding,Lamination.) Entire printing related services including designing hoarding board & it’s Printing.


Annual Computer Repair and Maintenance Fee Structure.


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